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Tony Bradley started Radon Solutions in July of 2007. Tony began is construction career as a plumber with Local 25 Plumbers/Pipefitters in Rock Island Illinois. As construction jobs slowed during the 2007-08 housing market crash work was scarce. Knowing that plumbing jobs may be hard to find, Tony looked to expand his service offerings with a stable business that could help provide for his family. The result was his company known as Radon Solutions.

Starting his own business was a lot of work, and Tony was not fully prepared for all that running a business entailed. The list was long. First there was coming up with a company name, logo, estimate sheets, billing, and collections. Then came licensing, QA/QC, SOPs, tools, trailer and supply layout. Then where to purchase fans & materials and learning how to properly install the equipment. Then questions on how to get customers etc., etc.

Countless hours were spent and costly mistakes made learning all the ins-and-outs of running the business to the point it is today: where Radon Solutions provides the best radon mitigation solutions for the customer.

Radon Business Solutions is here to help you; not waste your time, money, and sanity trying to figure these things out. Learn from the company that started where you are today. We will show you what you need, and not waste your time trying to show you what you already know.

‚ÄčAsk yourself: is it time to add another service option to your business? OR is it time to start your own and control your destiny?

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  • Market Saturation
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Stop competing on price.
  • Create brand advocates.
  • Reducing Unprofitable Customers